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Dawes Arc Folder II
  • Dawes Arc Folder II

    Dawes Arc II Folding Electric Bike

    Not only does an electric bike offer the convenience of allowing you to get further, quicker…but this model also neatly folds away to be stored at home, at the office or on public transport. 

    The battery is discretely hidden away inside the tubing.  Not only does it power the 250W BAFANG rear motor, but it also has a port for charging mobile devices on the move too! 

    On a full charge you’ll have no issues riding approximately 30-35km which should be more than enough for most commuters and leisure cyclists alike.  And, as with all dawes e-bikes, you can charge the battery on or off the bike.

    The 20" wheel size offers the perfect blend of comfort, stability and speed whilst also being small enough to fold down to an easy to manage size.  All of this, coupled with a fully adjustable, telescopic handlebar stem, 550mm seat post, powerful mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano 6 speed drivetrain 

    Bikes in stock now, feel free to email or ring on anymore questions about the dawes ebikes.

    • Take Note

      This bike and all bikes are not sold over the website, as we run a click and collect policy only for bikes sold. Do not pay for the bike over the website. Feel free to ring the shop number for any queries or payments that you wish to make.