Gazelle CityGo C7
  • Gazelle CityGo C7

    Gazelle CityGo Womens & Mens Frame

    -As a cost-efficient e-bike with a mid-mounted motor, the CityGo HMS has everything that makes these Gazelle models so loved. From the striking design with a contrasting colour top tube to the integrated LED lighting with an optional front carrier. This enables the robust HMS model to feel at home in busy urban traffic or cycle tracks. The flexible Shimano Steps E5000 motor delivers smooth assistance as soon as it sets off.

    -Hybrid style ebike suitable for all types of riding 

    -The motor comes with a huge range of up to 120km max distance

    -Integrated lights have been installed into the frame

    -Integrated wheel lock has also been fitted for extra protection

    -Fitted with a 7 speed Nexus internal gear system 

    Male and female frames both in store to view. Any queries feel free to ring the shop number at any time.

    • Take Note

      This bike and all bikes are not sold over the website, as we run a click and collect policy only for bikes sold. Do not pay for the bike over the website. Feel free to ring the shop number for any queries or payments that you wish to make.