Ridgeback Arcus 1
  • Ridgeback Arcus 1

    Ridgeback Arcus 1 Electric Hybrid

    Ridgebacks version of a sporty type electric hybird, one of the best lookinh e-bikes on the market right now.

    The Ridgeback Arcus 1 is an affordable and rugged E-bike, built for a comfortable ride on road and gravel.
    The Sportdrive M155 motor offers 250 watts of pedal assist and up to 40nm of torque, all the way up to 25km/h making climbs disappear and maintaining momentum on flatter roads. The range on the battery of a single charge is up to 60 miles!
    A suspension fork with 63mm of travel is paired with wide 45mm tyres to provide comfort over rough roads, and the capability to head off the beaten track on towpaths and gravel tracks.
    Hydraulic disc brakes keep everything under control in this great value package.

    Bike in stock now ready to view. Feel free to email or ring the shop number regarding any of the ridgeback collection.

    • Take Note

      This bike and all bikes are not sold over the website, as we run a click and collect policy only for bikes sold. Do not pay for the bike over the website. Feel free to ring the shop number for any queries or payments that you wish to make.