Ridgeback Terrain 2
  • Ridgeback Terrain 2

    Ridgeback Terrain 2 Mountain Bikes 

    The Ridgeback Terrain 2 Open Frame mountain bike is perfect for your first off road adventures.
    -The open frame design makes taking a seat simple, removing the need to swing a leg over - as you would have to with a more traditional design.
    -The wide range of 21 Shimano gears provides high quality shifting, with plenty of range when it comes to climbing steep hills.
    -The suspension fork deals with lumps and bumps on the trail, knobbly tyres are designed to work well in all off-road conditions and V-brakes give good stopping power.


    Bikes in stock now in varying sizes. Feel free to send an email over with any enquiries about the ridgeback range.

    • Take Note

      This bike and all bikes are not sold over the website, as we run a click and collect policy only for bikes sold. Do not pay for the bike over the website. Feel free to ring the shop number for any queries or payments that you wish to make.